Simon Chevalier and Lucile Cassassolles
are based in the south of France, near the Alpes.
In 2016 they created LUX, a studio specializing in light installations and outdoor exhibitions.

In contrast to a world saturated with fast, colorful, and loud solicitations to spectators, the duo choose to present simple, static, black and white art pieces. They create large-scale, repetitive geometric shapes to build sober and precise graphic sculptures.

Lucile and Simon dream of a calmer, quieter and cleaner future. They think light has and will always be a guide in the history of mankind. That’s why they choose this media as a main form of expression.
Hard to master but easy to find in our modern society LEDs and electricity help them send their message through different cultures.

After contributing to several art exhibitions and light festivals around the world they created the catalog you can discover on this website.

LUX does not sale and only have one piece of each artwork. Against mass production the sculptures are used and re-used for exhibition.